• How does Idle Cash work?

    As soon as you have established your first factories and their transportation ships, your space fleet will continue their work even when the app is closed. The amount of idle cash you earn is displayed in the upper left of the screen in solar systems.

  • Why should I unlock the next solar system?

    Each additional solar system you unlock will earn you significantly more money. You will progressively find more resources the deeper you go into space because fewer people have been to the planets you find. At the same time, your advancements into the great unknown will cost you more because of the distances you need to cover.
    Overall you will need every solar system you can find to build a fully developed dynasty!

  • How do the currencies work?

    Every galaxy you find has its own currency. You will only be able to use said currency to unlock further solar systems and planets in their respective galaxies.
    There currently are five galaxies you can discover!

  • What is SpaceCash?

    You can use SpaceCash in two ways:

    - SpaceCash can be spent in the Booster Shop to acquire powerful multipliers for your Income

    - You can decide to buy new planets with SpaceCash instead of the normal currencies

    You will earn SpaceCash as you progress through the universe and you can buy it on our shop!

  • What do the letters next to numbers mean?

    We implemented these letters to be able to display extremely high numbers. Here are what the letters stand for:
    k = a thousand (1000)
    m = a million (1000k)
    b = a billion (1000m)
    t = a trillion (1000b)
    aa = 1000t
    ab = 1000aa
    ac = (you get the idea)….

  • How many planets can I discover?

    A lot. As of now you can explore multiple galaxies containing a couple of solar systems each. Every solar system offers dozens of planets and moons on which you can build factories.

  • How does prestige work?(Released soon)

    *When you posess a certain amount of cash you will be able to reset a solar system which is called 'Prestige'. The costs of prestige depend on the depth of the solar system.
    Prestige will give you the possibility to rebuild the solar systems' factories with a much higher income. (Released soon)

  • Where can I get coupons?

    Visit our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We regularly give out coupon codes to loyal fans!

  • Where are my statistics?

    You can find your statistics in the Depot-Planets of solar systems. They are the first planet of each system you unlock. Click on them to get an overview of your stats!

  • How do Video Ad-Boosts work?

    You can watch an advertisement through the 'Boost'-Button at the bottom of the screen at any time. It will give you double income for two hours. Watching more than one can give you double income for up to twelve hours!

  • What are boosters?

    Boosts are multipliers you can bring into play to increase your income over a period of time. They come in all shapes and sizes! Have a look at them in the Booster Shop in the lower left corner of the screen.
    You are also able to watch an advertisement by clicking on the Boost Button in the lower middle of the screen. This will apply a 'Double Income' multiplier for two hours. Each additional ad you watch will give you two hours more!

  • How can I change the language?

    You can find our available languages in the settings. We are constantly working on adding further languages. If you can't find your preferred language, write us about what language you would like us to include in our future updates!

  • How are resources passed down to depots?

    You build factories automatically by unlocking planets. Each factory is assigned a space ship which will carry the mined resources to the next planet towards the depot. The depot is the first planet of every solar system.
    Keep in mind that ships have to transport the resources of their planets as well as all resources carried down from above.

  • What are the maximum levels?

    You can upgrade planets to level 2000 and ships also to level 2000.

  • What are daily bonuses?

    Every day you open the app you will recieve a cool reward!

  • Where do I go if I have a problem?

    Send us an email at support@spacedynasty.com. We're happy to help!

  • When is the next update?

    Follow us on our social media channels to get information on what we are working on and when we are releasing additional content and updates!

  • How do I update the app?

    Follow the guidelines of the App Store of your smartphone. E.g. on Apple devices it's the App Store and on Android it's the Google Play Store.
    Choose to update Space Dynasty automatically to always be playing the newest version!

  • On what platforms is Space Dynasty?

    We currently offer Space Dynasty on iOS and Android. If you want us to launch on other platforms, write us at community@spacedynasty.com!

  • How do I save?

    Space Dynasty saves automatically. Should you ever want to reset your game's progress, you will need to reinstall the app.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Should you have had problems with a transaction you can contact us at support@spacedynasty.com.

  • Can I make videos about Space Dynasty?

    We appreciate all feedback from our players! Go ahead if you want to make a Let's Play, a review or an article. Contact us to notify us about your opinions!

  • Why does Space Dynasty access my data?

    We have an optional feature that allows you to watch advertisements to boost your income. The Unity Ads Framework needs access to your photos, media and storage data to cache the videos for these ads on your device.

  • Is Space Dynasty free?

    Yes, you can play Space Dynasty completely for free! We only offer optional items that you can buy in the in-app shop. These items can give you enormous benefits and also support Okii Games and the development of Space Dynasty.

  • Is this game safe for children?

    Absolutely! We have received ratings that classify Space Dynasty as appropriate for all ages.